Thursday, February 23, 2006

Kricfalusi Krazy

Since John K did a caricature of me, I decided to return the favor.

John is a funny guy. If you ever meet him in person he is a little different than you might expect from the pictures of him on the internet. In the older publicity photos from Ren & Stimpy he looks like a smaller, scrawny guy, but he's actually really buff and looks like he could rip yer head off. I guess that's what LA does to yah.

Here is a Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise in-park demo sketch I did for Sea World. Inspired by John K's celebrity caricatures.

At the House of Blues, John was talking about his favorite old cartoons. I'd seen some of his caricature of some of these characters on the internet and decided to try some of my own.


Will Terrell said...

god you're good. glad to see you puttin' more stuff out there Mez... FOR ME TO STEAL!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Seriously though. I can't get enough of your work. You've got a slick style and oh the funny! So much of the funny!

Impy said...

What kind of freaky last name is Kricfalusi anyway?? Ah well, I like how you drew him... if you ask me, he looks like one of his own ren & stimpy characters. O.o Luff the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise btw, you really effed 'em in the A!(they totally deserve it >>)

Vincent Waller said...

The color JohnK is pretty good. The more I look at it, the more it grows on me.