Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I love couples!

Okay, so at the Zoo or any theme park when you draw caricatures, drawing couples has many advantages. One, you double up on the money you get. Woot! Second, you typically will just draw faces which lets you play with the differences between the people sitting there, and third, its usually some schmo and a hot girl, so you play up how much of a Neanderthal he looks and cute and charming the girl is.

Disclaimer: This is a huge generalization and couples come in all shapes and sizes, races and creeds, so the pics here just illustrate my last point. Also I'll admit that I don't push the exaggeration to the point of insult, some of my colleagues enjoy testing the public to see just how far they make people feel about their insecurities. In the end, I just want them to laugh and buy my cartoons. With a large frame.

This guy really didn't want me to take his picture after I drew it and yes his head was HUGE!


Jared Lipscomb said...

Wow! let me say that backwards Wow!
Its been a "COUPLE" of decades since your last post. Good to see your still drawing and not stuck behind paper work or moving frames.
P.S. Insulting the guest is healthy for a caricature artist.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that you would mention that Jared since the other day we had a guest get a drawing only under the condition that we didn't draw them ugly like the guy with the afro from Sea World did. Hmmm? Who could they be talking about?

Jared Lipscomb said...

Not me
couldn't be me
Naw not me!
Maybe it was the other guy with an afro. Or maybe they were ugly

BrianMORANTE said...

Jared has an afro.

Aaron said...

Lookin good, Mezzerb

player said...

I want an afro jared. Wait a minute I do have one. But its not where I want it to be.