Thursday, January 01, 2009

Caricatures of me

Every once an' awhile friends will draw me or by going to caricature conventions you tend to get drawn. Here are a couple from the vault.

Eric and I by Anne Bush


Court Jones


Brian Morante

Nolan Harris

Aaron Philby

Jeremy Stock

Andy Urza

I hope to collect some more at Cripple Con 2!


James Averett said...

WOW! It seems that even though Jared has left the company, his influence still remains!

Wittygraphy: Caricature Community said...

Your drawings are fantastic! Please join us at Wittygraphy is a social network to share, discuss, and promote caricatures. Participation of artists of your caliber means a lot to our community.

Kristen McCabe said...

Mez!!!! I'm happy to hear you're going to Cripple Con 2. I'm looking forward to finally meeting you.

Impy said...

LMAO Oh these are priceless...

linz said...

The Morante one makes me laugh everytime! Oh Brian, Everything he produces is golden!